Best Dog Grooming Clippers Reviews 2017 – Top Picks & In-Depth Results

Are you someone who is looking to get an easy way out for your dog grooming session? Well, it is time to set aside all your worries as with Best Dog Clippers, you can easily take care of your pet dog by yourself! It is very important to take care of your pet dog. Dog clipper is an instrument you can use to nicely trim the coat of your dog and keep them neat and clean. Unclean coats are unhygienic and unhealthy for your dog. If you have a busy schedule, many times, taking to the professional groomer regularly can become a hassle and expensive as well and good clippers for dog help you to save the extra cost of taking your dog to the professional dog groomer every week. With the dog grooming clipper, you can take care of the grooming of your dog by yourself and avoid the hassles of taking your dog for the regular grooming sessions.

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Top 5 Best Rated Dog Clippers Reviews


Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series Pet Clipper Kit

Best Dog ClippersIf you are looking to use a re-chargeable and portable clipper for your dog, then you may have found the right choice for your dog. This amazing dog trimmer will ensure that your dog gets to have the best cut and trim to look neat and clean. There are many features included with this dog clipper. This dog clippers advantages makes it stand out from the other dog clippers and you can use it without any hassle. With its portable design and sleek look, you can use this machine for straight two hours and no hassle that other dog clippers may give you. To help you to understand whether this product is the best for your and for the grooming the coat of your dog, let’s take a look at the specifications and the amazing features that this dog clipper provides you with. The specification of the product, aka this dog clipper and the features as well will help you to decide whether to purchase this product or not for your dog.



Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Pet Grooming Kit

Best Dog Clippers ReviewsThis is another dog clipper that you can use for your dog to  keep your dog neat and clean without any hassle. This dog clipper also comes with amazing features that one looks for in a professional Wahl dog clipper machine. Out of the other dog clipper in the market, this model is quite a popular one and not only that, it will ensure that you will be able to provide your dog with safe and amazing trimming and grooming experience and it will not cause you any hassle as well. It offers a 16 piece kit that you will find easy to use. To help you decide whether this product is the best for you, you will need to take a look at the product specification, feature and the pros and cons of using this best pet clipper for your dog.


Andis EasyClip Pro-Animal 7-Piece Detachable Blade Clipper Kit

Best Pet Clippers

To help you with the easy grooming of your dog, Andis dog clipper is offering you with the amazing features which are hard to get in the other ordinary dog hair trimmer in the market. This machine will ensure that grooming of your dog is easy and enjoyable to do and it keeps your dog happy as a result. It can last for years to come and it is also break resistant as well, which means, if you accidentally drop it, it will not break and work just like before even if you drop it accidentally! The powerful motor of this perfect dog trimmer will ensure that your dog gets a comfortable experience through this dog clipper and you can efficiently trim the coat of your dog. Let’s take a look at the various specification and feature that this dog clipper offers you to check whether this dog clipper suits to your need!


Oster A5 Turbo 2 Speed Professional Pet Grooming Clipper

Best Dog Grooming ClippersThis amazing looking dog clipper will offer you with the best features that you can get from a dog clipper, which will make grooming session a happy one for your dog! To ensure that the trimming job is done as efficiently as possible, an efficient and powerful motor is a must. There are many fancy dog grooming clippers available in the market which offers a variety of features, which you don’t need to use and later it becomes a waste of your money. This top rated dog hair clipper will offer you with the efficient and practical features which you will be able to use when you are grooming your dog. Let’s take a look at the various features and specifications, along with the pros and cons of this machine, to check whether this amazing dog clipped matches to your needs and requirements.


Maxshop Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Pet Dogs And Cats Electric Clippers Set

Professional Dog GroomersThis best seller grooming and trimming clipper for dog is your best bet, if you are looking for an efficient machine to groom your dog. This amazing dog hair clipper comes with a variety of features and these features will ensure that your dog will enjoy the whole grooming session and as a result you will get a happy dog, which is neat and clean and well-groomed in no time! The features that this device comes with are mostly sought by the customers and they also offer various advantages as well, which is definitely worth your money. If you are still wondering whether this amazing device is worth it, let’s take a look at the specification and the features of this product and help you to take your decision.


What Are The Top Quality Pet Grooming Clippers?

Dog clippers are specially designed clippers for the dogs to help the dog owners, breeders and also groomers and it is used for trimming the long coat of the dog all neat and clean and also short in length. There are various types of  best pet clippers available in the market. The type of dog clipper will largely depend on the type of grooming plan of your dog. The features of the dog clippers can vary from one dog clipper to another and they also come with various types of features. The advantage of using a dog clipper is that your dog will be comfortable to get groomed by you without any professional help.

Types Of Professional Dog Clippers

There are two types of good dog trimmers you can get for your dog and these are mentioned below:

  • Single Speed Dog Clipper:

If you are looking for an affordable option you should go for single speed dog clipper.And it is best for those as well who are new to using dog clipper as it will allow them to use the dog clipper in a more safe way for their dog. One of the things that most beginners fear is the overheating of the dog clipper that can harm the pet. The advantage of using a single speed dog clipper is that, it will not heat up easily. Therefore, the beginner users of dog clippers can easily groom the coat of their dogs without much hassle that many suspect to face.

  • Variable Speed Dog Clipper:

This is another type of dog clipper that mainly the advanced users will use for their pets, to keep their coat well groomed. A variable speed dog clipper will offer versatility and is the best way to give a neat looking finish to the coat of your dog. There are a variety of variable speed dog clippers available in the market and the features vary from one dog clipper to another. Purchase a variable speed dog clipper only if you are an advanced user of dog clipper and are well acquainted with using it.

What Kind Of Dog Trimming Will You Be Doing?

It is very important to know the type of dog trimming you will be doing for your dog. The type of trimming that you need to do for your dog will determine both the quality and the style of the dog grooming clipper that you require. Some of the common clipping scenarios that will help you to understand the trimming that you will be doing are mentioned below:

  • Trimming Your Dog’s Feet Occasionally Or Trimming Stray Hairs

If this is the common scenario for your case, then you will need to use a light weight clipper which is inexpensive and the reason to do so is because, for this type of scenario, one can easily use a clipper that is for light use. It is not required to spend a lot of money for a dog clipper for a light load work as such.

  • Maintaining A Good Show Coat Or Pet Coat

You may need to trim the coat of your dog, in between the professional grooming sessions and this will help your dog to stay neat and clean. And to do so, you will definitely require a mid range set of top-rated pet trimmers to help you to groom your dog. The mid range clippers come with a variety of blades and this will help you to trim any breed of dog with considerable amount of ease. The price of these clippers is not so high, which is quite affordable.

  • Trimming And Styling Your Dog’s Coat

In case you are looking for the perfect dog trimmer which will help you to trim and gives you the professional quality as well. They also come with a variety of features as well and these types of dog clippers come with quite an expensive price tag. However, the quality and the features of the dog clipper will surpass the price tag. Another advantage of using this type of dog clipper is that you will not need to change the clipper unless it goes wrong and usually they don’t breakdown easily and can be used for long times. These clippers come with more than one speed and various styles of blades as well. Some of them may even be cordless as well for more mobility. Best professional dog groomers mostly use this type of dog clipper.

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Choosing The Best Selling Professional Clippers For Dog

Good Dog Clippers

The Clipper’s Weight And Size:

The first thing you will need to take a look at is the weight and size of the clipper and this will contribute a lot and make a huge amount difference. The lighter the dog clipper and the more portable it is, the easier it is to maneuver the dog clipper when trimming the coat of the dog. And this is very important when it comes to grooming a lot of dogs within a short period of time. However, most of the modern dog clippers come with ergonomic design, which are easier to maneuver when trimming the dog coat with less hassle and more ease for longer period of time.

Corded Vs. Cordless Dog Clippers:

This is another aspect you will need to take a look at when choosing the right pet trimmer. Many people tend to prefer the cordless dog clippers as there are no wires to take when trimming the dog coat. The reason people prefer purchasing a cordless dog clipper is that it is easy to maneuver and the cordless designs tend to be more ergonomic as well. Also, it is very easy to reach the hard to reach spots when trimming the dog hair without any hassle. However, as an disadvantage, you will need to charge the battery of the cordless dog clipper often as the battery charge tends to run out of charge very often. This is quite troublesome to charge often with intensive use and this can also wear out the battery of the dog clipper as well. However, on the other hand, the best cordless dog clippers tend to be slower in speed and the coat of the dog will need to be soft and smooth as well. Therefore, you will need to think which one is better for your dog.

Dog Clipper Blades Are Highly Important:

The blades of the dog trimmers have greatly improved and this is mostly due to the best metal alloys and laser technologies as well. The type of blades used for the dog clipper can vary from one manufacturer to another. There are several different types of blades and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Finish Cut Blades:

As soon as the bathing is done, the blades are used for finishing the dog’s trim. This type of blade is ideal for the dogs that have got fast growing coats. This type of blade will give a finishing look to the dog’s coat without any hassle.

  • Skip Tooth Blade:

This type of blade is ideal for the dogs that have got dense and thick fur or matted fur. In cases of dense and matted fur, this type of blade can cut easily through the fur without any hassle. However, you will need to use this before the bath time as it is very difficult to trim the fur after taking a bath when you are going to use this blade for trimming. Wet matting can pull the dog’s hair and can scare the dog as well.

  • Wide Blade (T Blade):

This is another type of blade that one can use for trimming dog coat. This is more suitable for trimming the coat of the larger breed of dog, due to the larger size of the blade. One advantage of using this blade is that, with each sweep, you will take out large amount of hair.

Only Use Recommended Oils For Your Dogs:

The teeth will become dull and not work properly if you are not using the recommended oils. This will lead the blade to miss out on the hair and do uneven trimmings and cuts.  Also it can cut the skin as well. Therefore, check which oils are recommended for the machine beforehand.

Combs Matter:

Combs are extremely important as they provide even trim of the dog coat. There are various sizes and materials of the comb as well. You can find 5-10 comb guides included in a single set. The width of the blade and the clipper head should be able to allow the comb to snap in perfectly.

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Things To Look For While Choosing The Top Ranked Dog Clippers Set:

There are various features that you will need to look for in a set of dog clipper when you are choosing an ultimate pet trimmer set so that you can get a reliable and good quality dog trimmer set. These are some of the things which will make the dog clipper to use with better efficiency and more easily.

  • Maintenance Free:

It can be quite a messy and frustrating event to take apart the dog clippers and to oil or grease them. To help you to save from such frustrating event, there are a variety of dog clippers available in the market and these dog clippers don’t even require any oiling or greasing, saving you from the mess. However, this will not mean that they don’t need to be cleaned. To function effectively, even though they may not require any oiling or greasing, you will need to clean them regularly so that they function well, when you are grooming your dog coat.

  • Cool Running:

This is another important aspect that you should not overlook. To help you to save from hassle, you will need to look for the dog clippers in the market that don’t require any type of air vents or fans to stay cool and not overheat. The reason for this is because, these air vents or fans can easily get clogged and this will lead to the overheating of the machine, which is quite dangerous as it can harm your dog. They can also get hot enough to touch as well. Cool running dog clippers are free from this problem and you can use them safely as well and this aspect makes them perfect for the long time job.

  • Ergonomic Design:

This is a must as most people will look for the top-rated dog grooming trimmer which are easier to hold and maneuver as well. When it is easier to hold, people can use it without any difficulty and hold it for a longer period of time when the job requires doing so.

  • Rust And Chemical Resistant Blades That Are Detachable:

This feature should not be overlooked by any chance as it is an important feature for any dog clipper. This type of clippers will last for a longer period of time and you will not risk the accidental cuts on your dog’s skin with the rusty blade. The detachable feature will make sure that it is easier to change the blade without any hassle and using it to trim different types and breeds of dogs. Also, it is important for the professional groomers who will need to trim a variety of dogs and if this feature is not included with the machine, it can become quite hectic to do all the changes and prepare the machine to trim and groom the next dog.

  • Break Resistant Housing:

No one wants to break their dog clipper by mishandling and breaking it by dropping it. This is a very common reason that occurs which can damage the machine when handling it. This feature will provide a great advantage as even if you drop your dog clipper accidentally, you will be able to use it again as this feature will ensure that your dog clipper will not break when it is dropped on the floor accidentally.

  • Multiple Speeds:

This is important feature that you can look out for when you are purchasing the best clipper for your dog and there are many dog clippers in the market that come with this certain feature of multiple speed. Most come with 2 speed types to work with. This will provide a great amount of flexibility as well.

  • Quiet Operation:

This is another important feature and most people, those who are purchasing a dog clipper will look forward to this particular feature when they are purchasing a dog clipper. Now, not all types of dog clipper will come with this particular feature and you will need to check out whether the dog clipper offers this particular feature or not. This is important because, there are many dogs that are very sensitive to the noise of the machine and the noise of the dog clipper machine can scare them off. The quiet dog clipper machines are very easy to use and the dogs that are sensitive to noise of the machine will not get scared as well.

How To Use The Good Dog Clipper At Home


From the above dog clippers reviews, you can easily find what are the best dog clippers. It is very important to select the right dog grooming clipper as it will ensure that you will be able to trim and groom the dog coat without any hassle and keep your dog neat and clean. Selecting the right pet trimmer will ensure that your dog gets the best possible clip. Also, the various features of the dog clipper will make sure that your dog gets to have the best clip, without giving you the hassle while doing so. The above sections which have been mentioned will make sure that you get to choose the right and the best dog grooming clippers according to your preference, which will help to keep your dog neat and clean and also happy as well!

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