Best Wireless Dog Fence Reviews 2017 With Comparison Chart

Looking for the Best Wireless Dog Fence? When it comes to containing your pet within boundaries, wireless dog fence come in handy without the need of physical fences or wires. With the best invisible pet fence system, your dog will be trained through behavior correction on how far they are allowed to roam. As wireless dog fences are portable, one can use them in different settings and ranges without any complicated procedures with the help of dog electric fence reviews. As a dog owner, you will install the receiver and place a collar around the neck of your dog. As part of the pet electric fence system, you also get flags which can be erected at different locations to help your dog establish its boundaries.

Best Invisible Dog Fence On The Market Comparison Chart


Top 8 Best Selling Wireless Pet Fence Reviews


PetSafe Free To Roam Wireless Dog Fence

Best Wireless Dog Fence

From the house of reputed brand, it has coverage area of ½ acres and only takes 1-2 hours with proper instructions to set up. The range of the transmitter ideally is 180 feet, which practically is less, due to the obstacles like terrain, walls and metal objects. The thing is purely wireless, you don’t have to dig any holes or underground any wires. It Uses RFA-67 battery module with 1-2 month expected battery life. The invisible dog collar is made of high grade polyester, perfect of neck size of 6 to 28 inches. The range is in circular shape, so you have to set it up accordingly.


PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System – PIF-300

Best Electric Dog Fence

The wireless system model is PIF-300 with same specifications, but comes with additional 2 battery packs for the collar. The free e-book available will make the installation easy and would take 1-2 hours. It covers the area up to ½ acres and range of 180 feet diameter. Boundary is going to get affected by the obstacles like terrain, walls and metal objects. It is going to be in the form of a circle, you can’t alter it into some square or rectangle. The actual boundary varies due to loss of signal, but it was almost ½ acres. The collar is made of high grade polyester and fits in the neck of 6 to 28 inches.


PetSafe PIF00-12917 Stay & Play Wireless Fence

Wireless Pet Containment System

This system contains two electric collars for two dogs, and the transmitter is same as PIF-300.The packaging contains extra collar for your second dog, which could easily be installed with the help of the manual included in the packaging. It covers the area of ¾ acre and the range is 105 feet, which is a good stock range. But if you want increase the range, you can buy another transmitter. Polyester made collar are strong, and could be easily fit into medium to large dog. There are many wireless dog fences for large and small dogs.


PetSafe Wireless Radio Fence (PIF-300)

Portable Dog Fence

This package comes with additional battery for the collar, rest everything is similar to the PIF-300 transmitter. The installation usually takes 1-2 hours of efforts. It covers the area up to ½ acres and range of 180 feet diameter. Boundary practically is shorter, due to obstruction of range. The range is in circular shape, set your area accordingly. The boundary is almost ½ acres in spite of some obstructions. The collar has great build quality, and weatherproof. It could be installed on small to large sized dogs easily.


PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence

Invisible Fence For Dogs

The transmitter has range up to 3/4 acres and purely wireless. You need no wires, no digging of holes, it works purely wireless. The range is 105 feet, which can be increased by adding extra transmitter, if you have bigger lawn. Installation takes only 1-2 hours, if you go by the instructions. Fence boundary gets affected by various factor like terrain, metal obstacles, walls and furniture. Overall, this product is good for small lawn, but if you have big one, you can increase the range. The collar is made strong by using high quality materials.


Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless 2-Dog Fence Containment System

Dog Electric Fence Reviews

This package has two collars, so that you can install it on your two pets. The range of the product is about 180 feet, and covers the area of ½ acres. The installation usually takes 1-2 hours and if you get any problem, you can call the customer support of petsafe. The collar is waterproof, and gives a good amount of shock. Your dog is going to get used by the range in two-three days. Neck size which is compatible with collar is 6 to 28 inches.


Petsafe Wireless Pet Containment System Review

Invisible Dog Fence Reviews

The range goes from 5 to 90 feet, and you can cover ½ acre of area by adjusting the range. The product is basic form of transmitter of the brand. This unit doesn’t have high specs, but can do the job effectively. The collar with it is waterproof, and can withstand jerks. It is made of polyester that holds the receiver tightly. Installation only requires 1 hour of efforts. Once synced with the collar, you can carry the system along with you on a vacation or outing.


Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence with Radio and Wi-Fi Transmitter

Wireless Dog Fence Reviews

You can increase the range of the product as much as you want. The transmitter is able to cover the area of 1/3 acres, but you can increase the range up to 5 acres by simple putting a cord. If you want to go beyond 5 acres, all you need to do is buy another receiver, and put it after 5 acres. The collar with it is waterproof, and weather proof. It is compatible with the neck sizes from medium to large dogs. It has 5 level of correction and you could use it for big dogs that are stubborn.

Choosing The Best Ranked Wireless Dog Fence

An electric dog fence can come with many advantages. Consider these important factors before buying one.

  • Range

Wireless Fence For Large Dogs

While getting a wireless dog fence device for your beloved pet, it is better to get one that covers a long range. Not only it allows you to cover the invisible dog fence larger surface area without installing multiple electric fences, it also allows easier maneuverability and access to the dog owner. While creating a wireless circular boundary to keep your dog contained, you can choose from the top ranked invisible dog fences that can be programmed to cover from 40 feet to up to 400 feet of range. While invisible systems are usually effective in smaller areas (less than 5 acres), in-ground systems can cover significantly larger areas up to 100+ acres.

  • Waterproof Collar

While you might stay indoors when it pours outside, your dog doesn’t really feel the same. Thus, while choosing the good quality electric dog fence system it is critical to opt for a waterproof collar that will not be damaged under rains or splashes. As your dog might take an occasional swim into a puddle or a water source, buying a waterproof collar to keep them contained will save you both time and money in the longer run. You can choose indoor pet fencing by reading the invisible dog fence reviews.

  • Budget

Wireless dog fences come in a variety of features, specifications and options. Based on what they offer, they can be classified into different budgets. Starting from as low as 99$, electric dog fence systems can go up to a whopping 400$. While some offer larger range, rechargeable batteries and weather protection, some simply do the plain job of containing your pet within the boundaries set by you. In the end, it comes down to your personal preference to what you exactly want your invisible dog fence system to do.

  • Lightening Protection

How To Choose Wireless Pet Fence Systen

If you live in an area prone to lightening strikes, it is better to keep your pet protected against sudden jolts of electricity surges. Thus, opting for a wireless dog fence with inbuilt lightening protection will not only protect the inner components and transmitters of your device, but will also keep the portable dog fence system from drawing any current during a lightning strike.

  • Battery Backup

When it comes to buying the right in ground dog fence, it is important to look for the type of batter backup in the system. One must consider how often the battery needs to be charged, how long does it take to fully recharge and is the battery charger included in the electric dog containment system. A battery backup is a very good safety feature as well when your power backup fails, thus one must understand its capabilities before opting for a wireless dog fence.

  • Collar Size

The dog fence collar is another critical feature while buying the perfect invisible fence for dogs. Although there are a huge variety of collars available that can be used on dogs from as small as 5 lbs to all the way up to 250+ lbs, one must carefully examine the fit and comfort of the collar for their dog. Ideally, the invisible fence collar size should be big enough to allow three fingers into the collar to allow a relaxed fit. While a snug fit is comfortable and relaxing for your dog, it is also essential to keep the invisible dog containment system running properly.

  • Customer Service

Wireless dog fences are portable, reliable and easy to use. While you weigh in the features and benefits of a wireless dog containment system, it is important to look for the customer service provided by the brand. As you learn to operate the system and train your pet to perform as desired, you might want to get some help and tips from the manufacturer. Thus, you should opt for a brand that provides instruction manuals, step by step guide and a smooth customer service experience to help you out with your learning curve. You should be able to ask them anything about installation to operation related to your portable dog fence system.

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Benefits of The Top Quality Wireless Dog Fence

While Wireless Dog Fence offers multiple benefits to pet owners. Here are some key factors one must look out while opting for the same

  • Freedom

A physical fence device is not only troublesome to install and maintain for a dog owner, it can also be painful for your beloved pet. invisible pet containment system provides safety for your dog while also giving them freedom to move or walk. As it is invisible, it does not inhibit the movement of your dog and yet keeps them under the safety boundaries decided by you.

  • Security

As wireless dog fence machine operate through the generation of electric fields, they often come with an inbuilt lightening and surge protector to protect your equipment and pet from a sudden electric jolt or lightning. Plus, a wireless dog fence protects your dog from traffic, strangers or any other dangers outside your boundary.

  • Less Complications

Possibly the biggest benefit of a wireless dog containment system is its ability to set up without requiring any physical fences or wires.  You don’t need an electrician or technician to install the system and it can be easily modified to suit your needs. Plus, a electric dog fence requires no changes or altercations to your existing landscape.

  • Latest Technology

Wireless dog fence systems are equipped with latest technology to help you easily train your pet while also allowing them freedom. Also, in an electric pet containment system, if your dog travels outside the boundary of a field, he receives electrical simulation which helps to train your pet by repetition, without hurting your dog.

  • Reliable

As wireless dog fences machines come with an inbuilt battery backup and lightning protection features, they are reliable and durable for a longer period of time. Thus, buying a wireless dog fence system will be an investment which will last long.

  • Dog Friendly

As a dog owner, no one would want their dear pet to be chained or limited to a wall. Electric dog fence does exactly the opposite without compromising on the comfort, safety and health of your dog. They are quick and easy to set up and do not hurt your dog with their repeated electrical simulations.

Top Ranked 3 Wireless Dog Fence Brands

Wireless dog fences allow owners to keep their pets in a safe, controlled and secure environment. While there are various manufacturers who offer multiple types of wireless dog fence options, here are the top 3 brands –

  • PetSafe

PetSafe is a reputed and leading brand in invisible dog fence. They have multiple offerings with unique features to dog owners. With their wide range, they provide ample room to your dog to enjoy the outdoors in a safe environment. It also offers pet containment systems with multiple levels of shocks for correction purposes or an audible beep only. PetSafe offers reliable, waterproof and customizable protection for your dog and comes with rechargeable collars, training flags and receiver.

  • Friendly Pet Products

Friendly Pet Products is another state-of-the-art manufacturer of pet products. They offer completely customizable, safe and reliable wireless dog fences machines. Their collars are 100% waterproof and include upto five levels of correction. As a dog owner looking for a electric fencing system, you will be pleased to learn that they provide detailed instruction guides and round the clock customer support to answer your questions. They have wireless dog fences with 10 times larger range and coverage area.

  • Max Tronic

Max Tronic is widely popular for its advanced wireless technology based dog fences. Their collars have built in rechargeable batteries with a low battery indicator to remind you when the unit needs charging. You can adjust the boundaries of your pet from three to upto eight hundred feet with Max Tronic invisible pet containment system. Another useful feature is that they give a warning beep before an electrical shock to train your dog to understand boundaries. Lightweight, durable and practical, the brand offers quality products with satisfactory customer service.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) How do Wireless Dog Fences work?

A1) In a wireless dog fence or pet containment system, a transmitter generates signals and continuously monitors the activity of your dog. Your dog wears a collar which acts as a receiver. If the pet crosses the boundary set by you, he receives a corrective electrical current which is harmless and equivalent to a cold splash of water. By reinforcement and repetition, your dog learns to stay within the perimeter or boundary set by you.

Q2) How old does a dog have to be before starting training?

A2) Although there is no specific parameter or requirement for a dog to require training on a electric fence system, ideally, it varies as per different breed. Usually, a dog should be at least 6 months or older to properly understand and receive training on a wireless dog fence.

Q3) For how long should an owner leave the correction flags up?

A3) The training routine and dog behaviour determines the exact duration for which an owner should leave the correction flag up. In most cases, the flags should remain for at least two weeks but in some cases, an owner can leave the flag upto 30 days as well.

Q4) Is the wireless electrical shock process painful or harmful for my dog?

A4) Absolutely not. Although different manufacturers have various levels of electrical convulsions which can be decided by the owner, none of them poses any risk to the health and safety of your dog. Although the correction is unpleasant, it is nothing but a small jolt of corrective reinforcement required to train your dog to understand boundaries. While stubborn dogs might require frequent electrical impulses to train them, friendly and disciplined dogs learn the right way quickly.

Q5) How easy is to set up and operate the wireless dog fence system for an owner?

A5) It is often easy, quick and requires one time setup to protect your dog from wandering away into dangerous zones or territories. Most brands provide a detailed, step-by-step instruction manual to assist the owner and help them achieve the desired results.


All in all, a wireless dog fence is a convenient, safe, affordable and attractive method to limit your dog to your desired boundaries for the safety and training of your pet. The invisible fence for dogs created by the electronic field offers more freedom to your dog while allowing you peace of mind. Although it is advisable to consult an expert before deciding on a invisible dog fence device, the end result of using them is a positive and pleasant way to let your pet enjoy the outdoors without compromising on safety and control. There are various manufacturers offering best value for money and features and one must do research before deciding what’s best for their dog. From the above wireless dog fence reviews, you can easily find the best one for you. You can also choose the best dog crate for your pets to make them safe in your home.

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