Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence with Radio and Wi-Fi Transmitter Review

Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence with Radio and Wi-Fi Transmitter

The brand has created its value through quality products and this product played an important role in that. As they claim safety is their first concern, the have made the wireless receiver incredibly accurate, so you can rely on it blindly. When tested it on one of the dog, functioning was a good experience. Installation took some time; that was because on first, it will take some time. When made the dog ran into different directions, as to check whether it works, it was found that the accuracy is very good. As soon as dog left the range, the unit alarmed.

The dog collar was very solid and waterproof. It lets you roam the dog, without caring for the device. Your dog can be rough with it, but it won’t matter. It has 5 level of correction and you could use it for multiple dogs. The one thing most people liked about the product was its uses a patent pending primary transmitter with a shallow in-ground transmitter cord the wirelessly makes a fence boundary with the help of radio device. You can easily set up the radio by following detailed Step-By-Step Install Instructions. Quick-Start Guide comes with the box, so you could just start setting up the device as soon as you open it.

When you install this step, you don’t have to dig transmitter holes. In-ground fence is the reason. It replaces the need of digging holes, which is present in most of the wireless systems. You get up to 10x range and free to place your fence anywhere. Wireless invisible dog fence systems make a perfect circle, which can’t be customized, that wouldn’t work if you don’t have a perfect circled yard, which is very difficult.

The best thing about this system is that you can make range as much as you want. In stock, the radio is able to transmit waves till 1/3 acre circle. But you can increase the range up to 5 acres by simple putting 4000 feet or cord. If you want to go beyond 5 acres, all you need to do is buy another receiver, and put it after 5 acres. Ideally, one transmitter per 5 acres is enough. This gives you unlimited range potential, with just adding a transmitter as required.

The wireless system is efficient and worth a buy. I have checked it and tested on many number of dogs and loved the consistency. The product is really good, and has made its mark in the market.


  • Waterproof collar and 5 levels of correction for big dogs
  • In-ground fence, eliminating the need of digging holes of transmitter.
  • Upgrade your range by adding another receiver after 5 acres
  • Purely cordless solutions with 10x range capability
  • Value for money, the product is affordable
  • Customer support is good, you can call them when stuck.
  • Unlimited range
  • Secure and safe
  • Easy guide

  • Not particularly any, but it takes time to setup

Summing Up

Overall, the product has outdid itself, and couldn’t get better. If we see the price, it is obvious that they have provided more features than needed. Additional features would cost you more. When the thing was tested and it was found that it is the best product by the brand, and could easily beat other local systems. This product is recommend for your dog, because it is secure, safe, accurate, easy to install and reliable. There is no need to dig holes, just a simple installation. With upgradation of range option available, I think, it is a must buy item.


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