Large Dog House Lodge With Porch Deck Kennels Crates Review

Large Dog House Lodge With Porch Deck Kennels Crates Review

This is full-fledged house for your dog, having dimensions of 67 x 38 x 31 inches, made all of wood. This is an outdoor unit, but if you like, you can keep it in your house. The lifted house is a good option to make your dog feel special. The hut type design gives the house feeling, and is proper ventilated from the side. It is not for very big dogs, but small to medium one can accommodate easily.

Detailed Review

This is a nice investment, a good kennel that is going to protect it against all the weather problems. The body is solid, and fabricated nicely to make it last longer in worst weather situations. The elevated house is a good thing, because in that way, it is not going to suck up the moisture and insects from the ground. You can set it up into your house also, provided that you have enough space for that.

The fact that it is made from wood, makes it a good investment, considering the fact that it is cheap, and much more durable. The build quality of the dog crate is very good, in fact, best wooden house available in the market. Your dog can easily get comfortable. Also, those plastic container are nothing by synthetic materials, which are not good for use in a long run. Also, even if your dog scratches wall, plastic container may get damaged, but this is wood we’re talking about.

Coming to ventilation, the house bars, which is pretty good thing, because the air crosses in and out, leaving it well ventilated. This helps in removing smell made by pet easily, and making up the hygiene of the house. The design f the house is simple, yet spacious. It is an old hut design, which gives a good look to it. This kennel is ideal for making your dog stay in it often, but you have to train it for not excreting in it. However this kennel is not ideal for transportation purposes. It is suggested to install this kennel in the house only, as outside, weather can damage the wood.

It is suggested to install this kennel in the house, but if you have no other option, go for lawn and garden. The platform for going to house is quit big, your dog can easily run, play and eat on it. Your dog can do everything on the platform, but when it comes to sleeping, he will do it in the house.


  • Large surface area of 67 x 38 x 31 inches
  • Purely made by wood, makes it durable
  • Easy to clean using a cloth
  • Bars windows for proper ventilation on the sides
  • Made on an elevated platform

  • Wood made
  • Large surface area
  • Ventilation

  • It isn’t portable
  • Heavy
  • Not multi-purpose

Summing Up

This wooden house is made for daily routine jobs, for making your dog feel blessed and enjoyed. It has no features, just basic solid structure, but reliable and durable at the same time. Your dog is going to fall in love with the house. You can easily manage this kennel in your house, with other furniture or you can place it in your garden, if you don’t have plenty of space. Place it at your desired place, and let the dog take its control. This wooden house at this price is very good option than fancy kennels. This house is suggested for your dog, not for anything, but simplicity.


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