PetSafe Box Kennel For Pets Review

PetSafe Box Kennel For Pets Review

Petsafe is known for making products that re top of the line. This fence is as good as the company’s reputation. You can install it is an hour, and ready to give your dog dimensions of 77 x 16 x 7.2 inches. The fence weighs 140 pounds, as it is made of galvanized steel, for rust free body. There is a secure lock door, for better security of your pet. This is one of the top pet kennel available in the market right now.

Detailed Review

When you unwrap the box and begin to join all the pieces of the fence, you will find that the build quality of every piece in there is great. Putting all pieces together can take up to an hour, but it will worth the efforts. The mesh size of the kennel is ideal, along with strong tubes that hold them. If you look at it, you will surely find it mesmerizing.

When you introduce your dog to kennel, he’s going to be reluctant to go in there, due to the fact that nobody like caging themselves. But if you trick him by placing his favourite thing, then it is going to be alright, the kennel has plenty of area to make your dog comfortable. He can enjoy by running around and jumping. Your dog is going to get familiar with the kennel soon.

The door of the kennel is solid, and it is just the right amount of size one needs. The structure of the kennel is pretty solid, thanks to all them tubes and galvanized steel. Initially, when you try to assemble it by reading instructions, you have to add extra efforts to untangle this thing and then join all the parts together. But eventually it is going to get done. After that, you can keep it outside your house, in the lawn, garden or open area near gate. The location is where your dog likes it most.

Petsafe has changed the security for pets. The company has made lot of products that are world class, and truly justify the price. You may think that they’re expensive than most of the local brands, but they have got all the reasons to do so. The product is designed for heavy duty, solid, got a good door, and holds the pets good.

Customer support system of petsafe is best in the market. They’re available to you for six days a week. Get their help by communicating with the help of text, calls and chat. If you get stuck somewhere, you can get their help at any point of the procedure.


  • Enough area for your dog to run and play
  • Full size kennel, purely for outside use
  • Galvanized steel is used as a material, giving your rust free body
  • Easy to transport and get assembled in an hour
  • 1-year warranty against defects.

  • Conventional kennel
  • Large area
  • Rust-free build
  • Trusted Brand
  • Customer support

  • Not any

Summing Up

This kennel is simple work of job and durability fused together. You know, it is not as fancy as wireless devices, but gets the job done, and that’s what you want. The fence is solid and frame is steady. If you really planning to buy a kennel that is solid, has brand, could be with you at worst weather, this is it. You don’t need to explore other options and mark this one. This item is suggested to replace wired and wireless system, if you’re old school man.


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