PetSafe Cottage View Dog Kennel With FREE SunBlock Top™ Review

PetSafe Cottage View Dog Kennel With FREE SunBlock Top Review

This kennel is comparatively small, and has dimensions of 5′ L x 5′ W x 4′ H and weighs 95 pounds, which makes is suitable for small pets. It has enough playing area for small pets, and they’re going to enjoy their new small cage. The body is made up of black powder coated steel, making it rust free and durable. The door is pinch proof, and you can open it right or left, which way you like. You can easily set it up, by yourself, in less than an hour. Even if you’re not satisfied with the size, you can expand it with the help of additional accessories.

Detailed Review

The kennel has very good solid body, from the fact that it is black powdered, which provides extra strength as well as the rust free feature. Putting up together this kennel is easy, you just have to join some joints, door hinges and you’re done. The kennel is made for relatively smaller dogs, and area is restricted. Though your small dog can play and jump all he wants.

 The best part of this kennel is, if your house is too big, you can keep it inside the house, and your dog is going to appreciate as they may not like it in outdoor for most of the times. Slowly this kennel is going to be the part of their life. The kennel has very good door quality, with the feature of pinch proof is a good one. The door work very good when tested, it was smooth and strong.

The fact that black powder finishing is going to rust after long use of it is the only flaw of this kennel. That is obvious because galvanized steel holds up more than black finished. The door is going to be the first part where the rusts hits, but that’s going to take couple years. These kennels are conventional and don’t have fancy features, but what they do have is simplicity and ability to do job. This kennel is no less. It has got solid steel body, fine mesh, good build quality, solid tubes, and a strong door.

If you’re planning to fit a big dog in there, then you have to buy some accessories that cost you extra. When it comes to some sized dog, they take up to half of the area, so this won’t be comfortable for run and play, however if you’re going to make them stay in the house only, then they are not necessary.

The best part of the deal is that you get rooftop free, which would protect the dog against the sunshine, and rains. It is of good quality and definitely a good point to buy it.


  • It is small compare to regular size, only 5′ L x 5′ W x 4′ H
  • Black powder coated finish makes it rust free and durable.
  • Pinch-proof gate configures to left or right opening.
  • It could be set up in less than hour by one person.
  • Expandable with additional accessory panels

  • Conventional kennel
  • Small area
  • Rust-free build
  • Free sun top
  • Solid build

  • Not any

Summing Up

This small kennel is ideal for your small dog. It has all the things you need, a solid body, rust free black powder finished body, good door and sun top roof to protect your pet from the rains and sunshine. This offer is a killer deal, only if you have small dog, large dog owners can choose other options, or expand it.


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