PetSafe PIF00-12917 Stay & Play Fence Review

PetSafe PIF00-12917 Stay & Play Wireless Fence

The system has two collars, and rest every feature is same with the stay and play system. Petsafe has brought another great product, now for two dogs. The packaging contains extra collar for your second dog, which could easily be installed with the help of the manual included in the packaging. It covers the area of ¾ acre and the range is 105 feet, which is a good stock range. You can add further transmitter to enhance the range of the fence.

Reviewing collar, it is fully water proof and works on a battery that can get charged to full in 2-3 hours. After normal usage, battery could last up to 3 weeks, frequent sue can make it last lesser. Chargeable battery are better than removable ones, because they’re more credible, and you don’t have to replace the old ones when they stop working.

Quality of materials used in collar is very solid. It can withstand strong jerks and hits. Work. No matter how worse the weather is, your dog is free to roam anywhere in the range. The polyester strap is strong, and can fit the necks from 6 to 28 inches. It is designed for the pets having 5 pound weight or more. It has 5 level of corrections, suitable for big and stubborn dogs. Only tone mode is available, which helps in training the dog. If you do it well, your dog will get trained in couple of weeks.

When tested, it was found that tone mode is a great tool for teaching tips and tricks. The sync between collar and wireless transmitter is good. If dog as soon as leaves the range, it alerts us. There was no lag, and it alerts every time, doesn’t miss a single time. The collar is very slim and dog friendly, give it to collar for being small, and still managing to do things. The performance is good, and better than the low budget devices from the same brand. If you’re willing to spend that kind of money on your pet, then I think it value for money. The features are worth every penny you would spend.

Customer support system of petsafe is best in the market. They’re available to you for six days a week. Get their help by communicating with the help of text, calls and chat.

This unit contains two collars, a unit which only has one collar is also available. You can buy the unit separately. If you have more pets, you can always buy more collars by the same brand. It is not recommended to use any other collar because it might have problem syncing with the transmitter.


  • Covers up area up to ¾ acres and range is up to 105 feet from the wireless transmitter.
  • Lightweight and slim collar, for 6 to 28 inches of neck, made for dogs of 5 pound and more.
  • 5 levels of correction with only tone mode for training
  • Fast charging batteries, get charged in 2-3 hours and last up to 3 weeks
  • Slim and lightweight collar
  • Accurate and sensitive
  • Trusted brand
  • Good customer support
  • Many features
  • Value for money

  • Little Bit expensive

Summing Up

The unit has good features, and tone mode is the one which you should consider while buying the top electric  dog fencing device. The transmitter is portable, so you can take it to vacations, outings and picnics. This unit is recommended if you have some decent budget for your pet, and want to give him a gift of lifetime.


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