Rugged Ranch Products Metal Chicken Coop Review

Rugged Ranch Products Metal Chicken Coop Review

This kennel is multipurpose, and could be used by chicken and other small pets, but mainly for dogs. The size of the kennel is 96 x 84 x 48 inches and weigh 144 pounds. The kennel can easily be moved from here and there, in your garden. You can knock out the panels and by additional accessories, convert it to big house for a dog or two. It can easily be converted to Wooden Nesting Hutch or Large Dog House. The hut shape structure is strong and black powder finished for durability.

Detailed Review

When you unwrap the box and begin to join all the pieces of the fence, you will find that the build quality of tubes, fence and door is good. Assembling all the pieces won’t take more than an hour. The mesh size of the kennel is ideal, along with strong tubes that hold them. If you look at it, you will surely find it mesmerizing. The whole structure is black powder finished, making it durable and strong. But if you’re talking about that big kennel, it would have been better to go for galvanized steel, because it has more protection against rust.

When you introduce your dog to kennel, he’s going to be reluctant to go in there, due to the fact that nobody like caging themselves. But if you trick him by placing his favourite thing, then it is going to be alright, the kennel has plenty of area to make your dog comfortable. Other than dogs, you can use it for rabbits, turtles and chickens. It could do all the jobs. If you’re planning to use for dogs, you can expand the fence by buying extra panels. Every panel is knock out type, so it is easier.

The dog kennel is portable, and you can shift it from sunshine area to shady area, in the middle of the day. The panels are solid, so while moving, it is not going to lose its shape.

The door of the kennel is solid, and it is just the right amount of size one needs. The structure of the kennel is pretty solid and hut type. The fence is purely made for outside use, but if you want to make it indoor, you have to require quite a place, which I don’t think would be a good idea. Overall, fence is a very good steel structure, perfect for any small pet. It is suggested to buy it, as the price is also affordable. The deal is good and currently on the table, buy it before it gets too late.


  • Supporting Tubes, fence and joints are very solid.
  • Black powdered finish for rust free body
  • Full-size chain-link kennel for heavy use.
  • Knock out panels for easy addition of extra panels
  • Enough area for your dog to play and run.
  • Easy to assemble, only takes 1 hour

  • Conventional kennel
  • Large area
  • Rust-free build

  • For such a big size, galvanized steel should be used

Summing Up

This kennel is strength and durability mixed together. You know, it is not as fancy as wireless devices, but gets the job done, and that’s what you want. The fence is solid and frame is steady. If you really planning to buy a kennel that is solid, lightweight, can be expandable and door quality is good, then this is your option. You don’t need to explore other options and mark this one. But black powder finish for such a big structure is a concern. If you can invest more, go for galvanized one, otherwise, you can always choose this, and it is a solid kennel.


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