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Pets love freedom, but leaving them outside your house, can make them vulnerable to be lost. Tying them on regular basis is only going to restrict their freedom, also, it is not a good idea for the healthy mind of your pet. Best Dog Crates give plenty of space to dogs for roaming, and protect them from going outside the house. Crate bounds them into the desired area, and people coming to your house also feel safe. Fence help them to stay in the area, and there is a door, which helps to get out of it.

Best 8 Dog Kennel With Comparison Chart


Top 8 Best Selling Dog Crate Reviews


Rugged Ranch Products Metal Chicken Coop

Best Dog Crate

The size of the kennel is 96 x 84 x 48 inches and weigh 144 pounds which is pretty big for your pets. You can cage chickens, ducks, rabbits and dogs in the kennel. Being a structure of powdered coated steel, it is light, and can easily be moved from one side to another. Panels are detachable, and by additional accessories, you can easily make a house for your big dog, or another. It can easily be converted to Wooden Nesting Hutch or Large Dog House. Powdered steel provides durability against the harsh weather. Recommended for multipurpose use.


Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Dog Kennel

Best Dog Kennel

This is a small kennel, made for only one dog, but could easily accommodate a large dog. The dimensions are 6′ H x 8’L x 4’W, along with the fire cover. Fire covers helps your dog from unexpected events, when left alone. The kennel has 1 Gate Panel of 2’Wx5’H and 1 Locking Gate Latch getting in and out of the kennel. Hut style shape, with black powdered steel construction, makes it a looker, as well as durable. The whole construction is made by 10 gauge steel. One hour of work is required to assemble the kennel.


Large Dog House Lodge with Porch Deck Kennels Crates

Dog Crates Review

The house is made of wood, on an elevated platform, having dimensions of 67 x 38 x 31 inches. The kennel is perfect for your dog, if you don’t want to give him a cage like structure. This is an outdoor unit, but if you like, you can keep it in your house. House has iconic hut shape design, to make your dog feel like home. It is well ventilated from the sides, so hygiene is not going to be any problem. Big dogs are going to have some congestion problems, but for medium to small dogs, it is perfect. Wood makes it extremely durable, but it is heavy to move here and there.


PetSafe Cottageview Dog Kennel with FREE SunBlock Top

Dog Kennel Review

This kennel is for small dogs that can get fit into the dimensions of 5’ L x 5 ‘W x 4′ H. Kennel weighs 95 pounds, enhancing the mobility. Inside area is enough for playing and sleeping. Whole construction is done by black powder coated steel, which makes it weatherproof and rustproof. The door is pinch proof, and you can open it right or left, which way you would like. Kennel requires one hour of assembly. Size can be expanded by unlocking the panels, and adding more to them. Petsafe is relatively trusted brand than locals.


PetSafe Box Kennel for Pets

Best Crates For Dogs

This kennel has dimensions 77 x 16 x 7.2 inches, and weighs 140 pounds. The galvanized steel makes it quite heavy, but provides durability and support. You can assemble it within an hour. The structure is rust proof, and withstand heavy lashes of weather. Door lock is installed for the protection of your dog. Petsafe has improvised best of their materials to make this kennel. It is strongly recommended for the heavy usage. Though you can move it from one place to another, but that’s going to take some efforts.


Wooden Pet Crate Table For Dog’s Cat’s Espresso Enclosure Cage

Professional Dog Kennels

This kennel is simple, yet effective way to cage your dog. This wooden crate have enough area for your dog to enjoy, measuring 36.5 inches long x 24 inches wide x 29.25 inches high, your dog can easily sleep, and do his things. The bar like construction starts from the half height, making it well ventilated. The case is easy to clean, as it is simple wooden structure. This kennel is simple, yet could be used inside, or outside the house. Wooden crate is heavy, and mobility is not favorable.


Petmate 21100 Ultra Vari Pets Kennel

Best Kennels For Dogs

The kennel isn’t exactly made for housing purposes, but for ease of travel. This kennel is small in size, having dimensions 48 x 32 x 35 inches and weighing 51.5 pounds. Industrial grade plastics are used in the structure of the kennel. This helps in carrying the weight in ease. Kennel has construction with easy-open squeeze latch. There are vents on side walls for better ventilation and see through. Internal moat helps to make the surface dry. This kennels is perfect for airlines as has got tie in features for extra security.


ALEKO® Dog Kennel Chain Link Dog Pet System

Best Pet Crates

The whole structure is made of hard industrial grade galvanized steel, which makes the product weigh about 143 pounds. The kennel has an area of 13′ x 7 1/2′ x 6′ which is large enough for playing. The mesh size of the kennel is 2.36 x 2.36 inch and it is made with 13 gauge wire. The fence is made by chain linkage, purely for outdoor purposes. You can place it wherever you want. It is portable also, but require some power. The square shaped fence is ideal for pets of any size. Assembly only takes 1 hour with the help of instructions.

Choosing The Good Quality Dog Kennel

There are lots of best dog kennels available in the market, of different size, materials and mesh. Choosing the right best dog crate for your dog could be difficult. But if you consider the factors listed below, you can easily select it from the pile. These factors will help you to sort out the best dog kennel for your pet.

Dog Crate Size

First of all, you have to decide the area for your dog, and it depends upon the degree of freedom your dog likes. If he’s a big one, then you have to choose the large dog crate, having larger area. If he’s medium sized, then you can go for adjustable dog crate. If he’s a small one, then you can go for any size but it prefers to go for small dog crate. Standard size of the kennel is 13′ x 7 1/2′ x 6′. But you can always opt for more and less.

Dog Crate Type

There are mainly two types, fence and crate. Both have their own area of use. The hard steel fence is used outside the house for restricting the playful area for your dog, and crate type can help you to carry themselves anywhere. You can also put the best dog pet crate in the house. You have to decide which one your dog likes the most. Your usage type also governs the type, so recognize your use and buy according to that.


Price is always going to influence your choice. It is recommended that you strictly see the need to spend the money on your crate, because, the more feature it has, and more the price. You have to choose the best combination of price and dog crate quality you want. Steel fence is usually expensive than crates, but if you’re buying best quality crates for dogs, then you have to increase the budget.

Dog Crate Material

Mainly fence type are made of galvanized steel, to prevent rust. Steel is used for strength and durability of the kennel. Some small dog kennels, only for a single dog are also available, they’re mostly of plastics, industrial grade. Wooden dog crates are also available. So it purely depends upon your dog. If you want him to be free, choose wireless fence, or make him stay in the smaller box one. Lighter dogs can easily be accommodated in the plastic dog crates and wooden dog crates.

Dog Crate Brand

You can go for petsafe, Aleko and petmate. These brands are well recognized brands and produce the best quality dog kennels. You can see their products, match the features, and choose the best among them. You can also go for local brands, if you find the product satisfying.

Small Dog CrateBenefits Of The Best Selling Dog Crate

A good dog crate has lots of benefits, which you may not be able to see and realize. Your dog feel safe when it is in a kennel, and you can pick it up and travel. You make safe the environment around the dog by fencing it with a kennel. There are many travel crates for dogs also. Let’s have a look on some of the benefits of the best dog kennels.


Crates won’t let your dog out, in any case, because they’re made of hard steel. You don’t have to worry that your dog will leave the house in your absence or when you’re not looking. They’re reliable than wireless systems, because there is no fear of failure of power and device. Tough they’re better at technology, but this conventional way still has your back.

No Complications

Unlike wireless and wired dog fence systems, these kennels have no such complications. You have to install the collar on the dog, then wireless system, then decide the range. This whole process takes up to two hours. But in crates, you just have to make a fence out of the components, and you’re ready. In order to install wired dog kennel systems, you have to dig holes and ground some wires. This takes lots of efforts, so it is better to go conventional fence.


There are many dog crates which have higher range than others, but as they have more features too. If you want the safety of your dog, then you should not look for the range of dog crates. Dog Crates are easily available in the online market with best features and you don’t have to think twice for buying them.


Your dog is safe when it is physically under the protection of fence. The fence makes a restriction, to not to go outside. People who are coming to your house also feel safe. Your dog can play and enjoy on the inside, because the area is enough. You can carry your dog easily to some new place by buying the best portable dog kennel, this way, you’re saving him from injuries which can cause during the transportation. So crate for your dog is a must buy item.

Dog Friendly

These systems are designed by keeping the comfort of the dog in mind. Crate is strong and rust free. Mesh size can vary for requirements. These conventional crates are designed well, and they’re foldable dog crate, you can carry them along. When your dog is inside it, he has enough space for playing, and resting. Your dog will surely love it.

No Defects

These conventional fences have absolutely no chance of becoming dysfunctional due to a defect, whereas, wired and wireless system may cause you a headache when they’re dead due to some reason.

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Top 3 Dog Crate Brands

When you find your way to a market, you will find that there are lots of brands that manufacture these crates, some are top of the line, and some are just local brands. Let’s have a look on the brands that manufacture good quality pet products.


It is the leading brand in the conventional dog crate systems. Petsafe is in the market since 1991 and had made many quality products ever since. They have the best dog kennel systems on the shelf. The build quality of the products are very good, and they can survive some rough use. People are buying their products, and they have created brand value though earning trust. They have more than lots of models of the crates and you can choose the right one for your dog. Everything you need in a fence, is covered in the products. They use galvanized steel for the fence, which is an indication that they’re bound to deliver quality and durability.


Next big competitor in the segment, the Aleko Brand also produce quality crate and popular in the market. They use galvanized steel for the crate, and have right mesh size. Also, the warranty period is of 1 year against the defects. It has got everything a brand need to establish itself. Their dog crates are excellent and they have the professional dog kennels. It would take some time to fully emerge it as a brand.

Other Local Brands

These brands are not well known, but due to their crates, they have got pretty good reviews. Some unknown brands getting good reviews means that their product is good and comparable to the brands one. While purchasing from an unknown brand, I would suggest you to look at the product reviews.

How To Choose The Right Size Crate For Your Dog


Crates are helpful in carrying your dog, and securing it outside or inside the house, depending upon the type. These conventional dog systems have advantages like less complications, no headache of installing and other technology related problems. They’re simple yet working. You may not like the conventional thing, and opt of the wireless dog fence systems, but these have got you back even after power failure and defects. Your dog will have enough space for its freedom, that’s not an issue. Also, these crates help to carry them along you, in any transportation medium. From the above dog crate reviews, you can easily find the right one for you.

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