Wooden Pet Crate Table For Dog’s Cat’s Espresso Enclosure Cage Review

Wooden Pet Crate Table For Dog’s Cat’s Espresso Enclosure Cage Review

This wooden enclosure is perfect house for your dog, inside your house, to keep it clean, and providing the dog its own space. The area of the wooden crate is quite large, measuring 36.5 inches long x 24 inches wide x 29.25 inches high. This is enough for your dog to feel comfortable inside it. The whole case is made up of wooden, with bar like construction above the half, making it a capsule that is proper ventilated. The case is easy to clean, as it is simple wooden structure. This kennel is simple, yet could be used for house and garden. Though, it is not portable enough, but that is not it is made for.

Detailed Review

Simplicity at its best, this wooden crate is a good example of designing according to the needs of maximum dogs. Considering the size, you can use this kennel for every type of dog, any size. Coming to the environment inside, the crate has ventilation, due to bars structure on the top half of the sides, this makes the kennel, a good option for house. You can see through the kennel easily, without any obstruction. The solid case is fabricated and polished for house use, but you can keep it outside, as per your requirements.

Wood is considered to be man’s building material from ancient times and it hasn’t degraded its importance, because, wood is cheap and durable, same is the case with this crate. The build quality of the crate is very good, in fact, best wooden crate available in the market. Your dog can easily get comfortable. Also, those plastic container are nothing by synthetic materials, which are not good for use in a long run. Also, even if your dog scratches wall, plastic container may get damaged, but this is wood we’re talking about.

In house, you can use it as a table, as well as kennel, this optimizes the space you already have in your house. This matches well with a sofa, or simple chairs. It is purely your choice with whom you’re going to set it. This is the best dog kennel that has great benefits over fence type. First, you can use it as a house to him. Second, it is a wooden crate, means no worries about durability.

This kennel is ideal for making your dog stay in the often, but you have to train it for not excreting in it. However this kennel is not ideal for transportation purposes. It is suggested to install this kennel in the house only, as outside, weather can damage the wood.


  • Large surface area of 36.5 inches long x 24 inches wide x 29.25 inches high
  • Purely made by wood, makes it durable
  • Easy to clean using a cloth
  • Bars type structure for proper ventilation
  • Could be used as a table

  • Wood made
  • Large surface area
  • Ventilation

  • It isn’t portable

Summing Up

This wooden kennel is made for day to day purposes, for making your dog feel like home. It has no features, just basic solid structure, but reliable and durable at the same time. Your pet is going to fall in the love with the outer beauty. You can easily manage this kennel in your house, with other furniture. Place it at your desired place, and let the dog take its control. This wooden cage at this price is very good option than fancy kennels. Why not stick to the nature?


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